Connect Groups

Connect Groups

As good as our Sunday morning worship service is, it’s not enough for you to become all that God wants for you. God made us for relationship and our Connect Groups provide  an environment where relationships can thrive, where people can be known, cared for, nurtured, encouraged, and loved.  God never intended for us to live the Christian life alone.  We were created for relationship and our Connect Groups provide an environment where we can grow in relationship with God and each other. Connect Groups are for all ages and walks of life. We meet at 9:45 on Sunday Mornings.

Three-fold purpose of our Connect Groups

Connect with God and His Word (Growing in intimacy with God).
Connect with each other (Growing in community with other believers).
Connect with the lost (Growing in influence with the unsaved).

What Do You Do in A Connect Group?
What Do You Do in A Connect Group?

In a Connect Group, we study God’s Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It’s also where we pray, fellowship, care for, encourage, love, and serve one another.

Joining a Connect Group will give you the opportunity to know others and be known, to care and be cared for, and to love and be loved. When you are involved in a Connect Group, you will be missed when you are not here! Whether you are just checking things out, a new believer, or have been a Christ-follower for quite a while, you need to keep growing and you need encouragement.

In a Connect Group, you will see how God is actively at work around you, as you hear biblical truths discussed and applied. Your faith and your relationship with God and with others will be strengthened.

What Are We Studying?

By Lifeway Adults

Bible Studies for Life® offers balanced studies by topic that are focused on real-life issues that let people see how Jesus is the answer to their greatest need—how the Bible meets their life right where they are. This series is uniquely designed to:

  • Connect the Unconnected: The studies are compelling, biblical, and focused on real-life issues helping us attract people to our groups.
  • Disciples People with Wisdom: The studies are based on a wise discipleship framework designed to mature people over time.

By Lifeway Adult

Explore the Bible is a book-by-book Bible study for all ages that takes participants deep into the context of God’s Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context. Explore the Bible presents a rich, age-appropriate study experience that pursues biblical context through:

  • Balanced study plan
  • Archaeological and historical background
  • In-depth Bible commentary
  • “Context passage” that reveals larger biblical context
  • Engaging group discussion questions for every book of the Bible

Explore the Bible also challenges participants to live out biblical truths in their own context through:

  • Clear application points in each session
  • Shared memory verse for groups and families in each session

With Explore the Bible, groups of all ages can expect to engage Scripture in its proper context and be better prepared to live it out in their own context. These studies will help participants grow in their love for Scripture, gain new knowledge about what the Bible teaches, develop biblical disciplines, and internalize the Word in a way that transforms their lives.

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